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Small-sided games are the preferred method of training by professional players. All research into how young people learn about the sport confirms that the well-being of the child and the good sport of the game are served best by the use of modified games and a sensible approach to competition.

Appropriate sizes of goalposts, ball and playing field, allied to simple rules and tactics, allow for improved development within the game. Too often, the focus within children's soccer has been the result of the game and the winning of the tournament , cup, or medal. An ethic which promotes fun and learning and measures success in terms of enjoyment as well as the fostering of skill development, is more likely to interest and motivate a young player and enhance his/her progress.


This indoor/outdoor program is a year-round instructional-based league that teaches children skills that are age appropriate. Through instructional based game play, participants will refine body awareness and movement, reinforce social and listening skills, and build on the concept of team play and cooperation.

XL Soccer World Select Program (Ages 8-13)

The Select program offers indoor and outdoor soccer for boys and girls in the U8 to U13 age groups(2010 through 2005 Birth Year). Our teams are all registered through US Club Soccer. Teams will play (2) outdoor seasons (Spring & Fall) and (6) indoor seasons at XL Soccer World throughout the year. Teams will be participating in a sanctioned US Club league involving other area clubs.

XL Soccer World Elite Program (Ages 9-18)

All of the teams under this arrangement will be carded by US Club through our Elite program and compete as part of XLSW. A strong level of participation in US Club tournaments will be emphasized. This includes Jefferson Cup, US Club Regionals and Nationals and the Disney Showcase as well as many more. All teams participate through Triangle United Soccer Association's Classic Program as well as XL Soccer World’s US Club Soccer events.